Now, this is an interesting take on the pandemic. COVID-19 in Canada was the pretext to remix wartime posters for a modern-day update. Instead of buying victory bonds to save lives, stay home to achieve the same goal.

The Toronto Public Library has a bunch of wartime posters in its collection and after seeing signs pop up across the city during the pandemic, an idea was born.

So people in a Toronto subreddit were asked to remix signs from during the war into ones that speak to what we're currently going through with COVID-19.

According to the library, both the war posters and the signs of support capture key moments in our history.

More than 60 posters were submitted and the best are truly amazing.

There are posters about masks, washing hands and, of course, buying toilet paper.

In a wartime posters from 1941, people were asked to not buy something if they don't need it — but the people on the poster were looking at an elephant.

In the updated version, people are looking at a bunch of toilet paper rolls.

One from 1914 features a solider holding out a war savings certificate, while in the one from 2020, Justin Trudeau is holding out a CERB cheque.

Someone else remixed a poster about fighting in the war — to baking during the pandemic.

The updated one is even complete with face masks.

Another new version is all about washing hands and how "this is our 20 seconds."

Others changed messages from "you are no exception, join now" to "you are no expectation, stay home" and "are your folks ashamed of you for not enlisting?" to "are your folks ashamed of you for open sneezing?"

There is even one poster that's a play on Trudeau's "speaking moistly" comment.

While the COVID-19 pandemic isn't exactly a war, the Prime Minister has compared the two on occasion.

"Even as we stand apart, we stand united in our resolve to do what we must until COVID-19 is defeated," he said.

Trudeau also mentioned that dealing with the virus is a different kind of fight.

"There is no frontline marked with barbed wire, no soldiers to be deployed across the ocean, no enemy combatants to defeat," he said. "Instead, the frontline is everywhere."

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