Canmore, Alberta is a bustling Rocky Mountain town that's just a quick drive away from Banff, and about an hour and a half away from Calgary. The town's Main Street is always buzzing with locals and visitors despite a slight lull during the shoulder seasons. A local man recently captured how the COVID-19 outbreak has turned the area into a ghost town.

At least once in our lives, most Canmore locals have wished for a tourist-free season. Though now that we're experiencing that reality, I'm sure we'd all take that wish back. 

With advisories from the provincial and federal governments to stay home, the town's streets look more abandoned than ever. One local resident, Seth Williams, created an eerie video called "Rush Hour" to depict the unfathomable shift. 

The video takes place on Main Street on Wednesday, March 18 at 6:09 p.m. which is typically rush hour. Almost no one is in sight, vacancy signs are illuminated in hotel windows, and the small, local businesses have "closed" signs taped to their windows.

One sign reads “After 45 years we are closing our doors. We have loved being part of your lives.”

Another closed door has a worn-out sticker on the outside that says “support local,” a message more relevant now than ever before. 

Though the closure of small businesses and the absence of the vibrant community along the sidewalks are difficult to take in, it’s precisely what’s been advised by officials.

There are currently 146 cases of COVID-19 in Alberta and Thursday, March 20 marked the pandemic’s first death in the province.

Social distancing is of the utmost importance, says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Canmore is a remarkable community that has shown compassion and resilience time and time again. 

The pandemic has been immensely challenging for countless other towns and cities around the globe, making community support more important than ever before.

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