Ontario's newest daily update of COVID-19 numbers comes with a little bit of good news. According to the most recent data from Friday morning, there are currently more recoveries than there are active cases of COVID-19 in Ontario. The news comes as the province reaches 13,519 total cases of the virus. 

According to the Ontario government, as of Friday morning, there are 7,087 total recoveries, which makes up 52.4% of all total cases. 

This news comes despite the high jump of 640 new COVID-19 patients that emerged on Friday, as well as an additional 50 deaths. 

Out of these total cases, 910 people have been hospitalized and 2,287 of these cases have been long-term care residents. 

Ontario’s health officials stated earlier this week that the province was on track for the “best-case scenario” when it comes to the number of COVID-19 cases.

While early predictions stated that the province could see up to 80,000 cases over the course of the pandemic, health officials are now predicting that this number could be around 20,000.

The government confirmed that these best-case numbers will be hit mainly due to the efforts that Ontarians are putting into social distancing. 

“The sacrifices people are making to stay home and wash their hands are making a difference,” a report from earlier this week stated.

Toronto’s mayor John Tory has even started to make plans on how to re-open the city when the time comes.

However, he did warn that this process could take several months to complete. 

While recoveries have outnumbered the number of active cases that the province is seeing, that doesn't mean that the province will ease up on its lockdown just yet. 

Earlier this week, Doug Ford stated in a press conference that opening up the province by Victoria Day weekend is "absolutely not going to happen."

However, when the province finally does start to gradually lift the lockdown, Ford specified that schools will be one of the last places to open their doors. 

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