Nobody is invincible. That’s the message that Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer wanted to share on Thursday. In a press conference, Dr. Theresa Tam warned Canada's youths that they are “not immune” to the novel coronavirus, as cases of COVID-19 in young people continue to be diagnosed across the country.

Speaking to the public once again on Thursday afternoon, Canada’s top doctor warned young Canadians that they should not feel immune to a disease like COVID-19.

Drawing attention to the “seriousness” of the virus, Dr. Theresa Tam explained, “Not only can people of all ages get sick and become severely ill, but the impact on our health system will affect the health of all.”

She added that people of all ages should seriously listen to the repeated advice of Canadian public health services, which includes practicing social distancing wherever possible and staying at home to prevent community spread.

“Anybody unconvinced about the seriousness of COVID-19, and the absolute need for physical distancing, should look to countries like Italy, and the severe impacts of a health service overwhelmed,” she warned.

Dr. Tam's comments come as a significant spike in Ontario's cases of the virus has been reported. Of 170 people newly diagnosed, at least five are believed to be under 20 years old.

Just two days ago, Dr. Tam gave a similar warning, explaining that most of the world’s cases of COVID-19 are young people.

Speaking to the media, she said, "The majority of cases are actually in the younger age group," but added that many do not get sick or display symptoms.

Still, Dr. Tam confirmed that some young people do become severely ill, and have even died from the respiratory disease.

Earlier this week, the Prime Minister was also forced to address those who were failing to take adequate precautions to stop the spread of the virus.

Speaking directly to those who feel “invincible” during the pandemic, Trudeau stated, "Social distancing ... means staying home as much as possible."

"If you choose to ignore that advice, if you choose to get together with people or go to crowded places, you’re not just putting yourself at risk. You’re putting others at risk too," he said.

“By keeping a distance of 2 metres from someone else, you are protecting yourself and others,” Dr. Tam concluded on Thursday.

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