As MPs gathered in the House of Commons, the Prime Minister had some grim words about the pandemic. However, there is still hope. COVID-19 in Canada might get worse before it gets better according to Justin Trudeau.

In the House of Commons on April 11, the Prime Minister addressed the situation with the pandemic in Canada and compared what we're going through now to wars in the past.

"Even as we stand apart, we stand united in our resolve to do what we must until COVID-19 is defeated," he said.

In French, Trudeau said that we will face a number of obstacles in the coming weeks and months because of this virus.

He also mentioned that even if we take every possible precaution this situation might get worse before it gets any better which is the sad reality Canada faces.

Continuing with the war analogy, the Prime Minister noted that this is a different kind of fight.

"There is no frontline marked with barbed wire, no soldiers to be deployed across the ocean, no enemy combatants to defeat," Trudeau said. "Instead, the frontline is everywhere."

He also gave a shoutout to the people who are working in hospitals, care centres, grocery stores, pharmacies, truck stops and gas stations.

"The people who work in these places are our modern-day heroes," he said.

Trudeau's comments about the situation worsening before getting better are in line with the government's projects about the virus.

Epidemic timelines released by the Public Health Agency of Canada show that with strong control measures in place, between 1% and 10% of the population could get the virus.

In that scenario, the number of new cases could bottom out and the end of summer and the beginning of fall this year.

However, public health officials noted that multiple waves are possible.

If 2.5% to 5% of the population gets the virus, which has been identified as the best-case scenario, there could be between 11,000 and 22,000 deaths in Canada.

Back on April 9, Trudeau noted that normality for Canadians won't return until there's a vaccine for the virus and that could be up to a year and a half from now.

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