One province will now be working extra hard to get people tested for novel coronavirus. COVID-19 testing in Ontario has been lacking, and officials are working to change that, particularly as case numbers are continuing to rise. By April 29, the province has committed to conducting 14,000 tests every day.

According to CTV News the province only issued 3,200 tests April 7-8. Describing these numbers as "unacceptable," Premier Doug Ford has promised to do better.

Ontario is now aiming to complete 8,000 tests every day by April 10.

By April 29, they will raise that number to 14,000 tests per day, according to a news release

"We're laser-focused on ramping up our testing capacity so we can protect the most vulnerable in our communities and those who protect them, like our frontline health care workers and first responders," Premier Ford explained.

"By expanding our testing capacity, we will be able to find cases faster, intervene earlier, reduce the spread, and save lives."

There are currently 100 operational COVID-19 assessment centres in Ontario.

Priority testing will be given to those who are most at risk. This includes hospital in-patients, frontline workers, essential workers, the homeless, and those with compromised immune systems.

A detailed list of all those who will be prioritized can be found here

There have been 6,237 confirmed cases in Ontario to date, according to the province's website. A total of 92,673 tests have been done since January 15, 2020. 

By administering 14,000 tests a day, the province will be able to reach that number in just six or seven days. 

"By significantly increasing the number of tests each day, we will identify cases early, contain them and prevent putting more people at risk," confirmed Deputy Premier and Minister of Health Christine Elliott.

For those concerned they may be experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, the Government of Canada has created an online self-assesment tool, which aims to help Canadians find out if they could potentially have the disease, by asking a series of questions.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Ontario had been administering fewer COVID-19 tests than many other provinces in Canada, and even fewer than in the previous week. 

It looks like that will have changed by April 29!

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