When it comes to COVID-19 daily cases, Canada's latest projection for January has actually gone down once again but there's still cause for concern.

Dr. Theresa Tam put out a statement on December 19 about the state of the pandemic and she included a modelling update.

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These numbers are still significant and put us on a trajectory for a strong resurgence for the next two months.

Dr. Theresa Tam

The country's top doctor said that the most recent long-range forecast, which uses a model from Simon Fraser University, is predicting that there could be more than 8,000 daily cases by the beginning of January.

At the last data and modelling update on December 11, that number was 12,000 even if we didn't start seeing more people.

So, in just over a week, the projection has dropped by 4,000.

Dr. Tam said that while the new figure is lower than before, it's "still significant" as it puts the country "on a trajectory for a strong resurgence for the next two months."

She also noted that this emphasizes the importance of both public health and individual people when it comes to bringing the infection rate down.

As vaccine doses are being delivered and administered to priority populations, Justin Trudeau said that "we're not out of the woods yet."

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