If we keep going on the road we're on, COVID-19 daily cases in Canada could reach 8,000 in December.

Based on new data and modelling that the Public Health Agency of Canada put out on October 30, the country could be headed in the wrong direction.

If we maintain the current rate of contacts we have, COVID-19 is expected to resurge and that could lead to 8,000 daily cases in December.

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If we increase the current rate of contacts by 20%, the Public Health Agency of Canada has forecasted a faster and stronger resurgence.

That could mean 8,000 daily cases in November.

There is still some hope though.

If we decrease the current rate of contacts by 25%, COVID-19 is expected to come under control in most parts of the country and we could get back below 2,000 daily cases by December.

The Public Health Agency of Canada's new data and modelling also shows that outbreaks are now mostly related to social gatherings and schools.

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