If you haven't had the time to browse the internet for COVID-19 updates, you're not alone.  

Deena Hinshaw, Alberta's Chief Medical Officer of Health, and her team are continuing to update the public on COVID-19 in Alberta most days of the week. 

Over the past week between Monday, October 5, and Friday, October 9, health officials reported that active cases in the province have been rising.

But they're mainly concentrated in one health zone. As a result, Dr. Hinshaw has introduced additional measures to curb the spread. 

With Thanksgiving knocking on the door, you might have questions about how the COVID-19 situation is panning out in Alberta. Luckily, we've got some answers for you. 

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What is Alberta's current COVID-19 case count?

As of Friday morning, October 9, there are 2,097 active cases of COVID-19 in Alberta. 

Dr. Hinshaw told the public in her latest update on Thursday, October 8, that 364 new cases have been recorded in the past 24 hours — an all-time high in terms of the daily case jumps in Alberta. 

There are 77 hospitalizations in relation to the disease, with 13 of them in intensive care.

A total of 19,718 cases have been recorded since the beginning of the pandemic and 283 deaths have occurred to COVID-19 related complications. 

Where are the COVID-19 cases in Alberta?

The vast majority of the new cases have been concentrated in the Edmonton Health Zone. 

The number of active cases in Edmonton is at 1,251, whereas Calgary has less than half of that at 604, according to government data

The Central Zone has 39 active cases, the South Zone has 92 active cases, and the North Zone has 97 active cases. 

In terms of hospitalizations, Edmonton beats out the other zones with 35 hospitalized patients with COVID-19. Calgary's just behind with 32 hospitalizations. 

What are the latest updates from the province?

To contain the spread of COVID-19 in the Edmonton zone, Dr. Hinshaw has introduced three voluntary measures for the residents. 

They include limiting social gatherings to a maximum of 15 people, wearing a mask in all indoor workplaces unless someone is working alone or is barricaded from others, and having no more than three people in a cohort or a bubble. 

The measures are voluntary because Dr. Hinshaw maintains they "have sufficient hospital beds and capacity to meet the current needs in Edmonton." 

While the numbers in Edmonton are "concerning," Alberta's top doctor said the rest of the province is "holding steady" and they should just keeping following the existing health measures in place. 

Where are the current outbreaks?

According to the Government of Alberta, 72 schools have confirmed COVID-19 outbreaks. There are 370 active cases among students and staff at Alberta schools. 

Edmonton's outbreaks include five long-term care homes, five supported-living sites, a U of A dorm, a Chrysler Dodge dealership, a Portuguese bakery, a Walmart Supercentre, warehouses, a remand centre, the Misericordia hospital, and more. 

Calgary's outbreaks are at the Foothills hospital, two long-term facilities, three supported-living sites, a remand centre, a drop-in centre, a bunch of warehouses including that of Amazon, and more. 

None has been reported in the Central Zone whereas the South Zone has recorded one at the Methanex Corporation. 

Three outbreaks in the North Zone have been recorded in relation to social gatherings, whereas two have been confirmed at oil sites. 

What will Thanksgiving look like?

Thanksgiving is approaching quickly, and the province wants you to keep your gatherings small. 

You're allowed to have up to 15 people over for Thanksgiving, but they should ideally be in your social bubble. 

On top of that, you're encouraged to have pre-portioned servings and not share any utensils. Dr. Hinshaw said that you should even consider getting take-out or ask your guests to bring their own food. 

But other than that, Thanksgiving is certainly not cancelled, as long as you follow the recommendations. 


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