The number of COVID-19 tests Canada has done is now over six million. With a population of over 37 million people, it's definitely not a majority but that's still a lot of tests to process.

Canada passed another pandemic milestone on September 11 with more than six million people having been tested for COVID-19 so far.

That works out to about 160,000 tests per one million people. 


tests done in Canada

With that many people checking to see if they have COVID-19, only 2.2% of people have received positive test results.

Only Ontario and Quebec have testing numbers in the millions with 3,139,708 and 1,219,471 being done respectively.

Alberta is close behind with 846,551 people tested.

Then there's a significant drop off in the numbers.

B.C. has done 346,695 tests, Manitoba has done 148,326 and Saskatchewan has done 131,037.

All other provinces and territories are below 100,000.

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