More than 3,000 conductors and engineers of Canadian Pacific rail walked off the job late last night. 

Commuter train operators officially walked off the job at 10 P.M. Monday night. 

A second group of workers were able to reach an agreement with the company though, which is going to save commuters tons of headaches. 

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Signal workers reached a deal with the CP rail to avoid going on strike themselves. 

This mean that commuter trains in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver will not be affected by the strike. 

The trains in those cities are owned by Bombardier, the people who run those trains are also Bombardier employees.  

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Had CP rail signal operators walked off the job it could have created massive delays and headaches of frustration for commuters

CP rail owns much of the track in Canada and if signal operators had gone off the job it likely would have affected commuters coast to coast. 

The biggest issue with the strike now is that the strike could completely shut down freight service across the country.  

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This could affect all sorts of shipments, particularly grain, which means if the strike goes on for a long time you could find yourself paying more at the grocery store. 

Source: Global News

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