Come From Away is an inspiring story of one country helping another. This doesn't seem to be what's happening in Florida. The state's governor has initiated a cruise ship rescue for people stranded on two docked boats. However, he only wants to help people from Florida.

Governor Ron DeSantis told reporters that he only would be willing to let Florida residents off of the ships, citing the state's shortage of medical resources, according to CNN.

"We are going to be willing to accept Floridians on board," DeSantis said, as reported by CNN. "My understanding is most of the passengers are foreign nationals."

However, President Donald Trump said during a press briefing on April 1 that Canadians would be taken off of the ships and handed to Canadian authorities.

CNN reported Thursday morning that it was still unclear whether anyone would be disembarking. 

The two cruise ships sitting off of Florida's coast, the Zaandam and Rotterdam, are carrying 247 Canadian passengers, according to a statement from Global Affairs Canada provided to CTV News.

DeSantis' decision to only allow Floridians off of the ships sparked discussion on Twitter, where the move was compared to Come From Away, and not in a flattering way.

The musical tells the story of when American flights were diverted to Gander, Newfoundland on 9/11. The passengers were taken in by residents of the town, who provided what they could.

David Frum, a former speechwriter for George W. Bush, tweeted, "It's like 'Come From Away' but in reverse." 

"Come From Away" started trending on Twitter as more people shared messages comparing the situation in Florida to the actions of Gander 19 years ago.

"Disgusting that @RonDeSantisFL won't take in the Canadians from the cruise ship sitting on the Florida coast. For my US friends: "Come From Away" and "Gander" are trending in Canada, as Canadians remember the thousands of Americans taken in when they had to land in Gander on 9/11," wrote @mariss1131.

"WOW, Florida. You don’t crack down on Spring Break crowds, you refuse to help your own citizens, or the Canandian snowbirds who pour $ into your economy. Ever heard of Gander, Newfoundland, 9/11? Come From Away? Look it up. #florida" wrote @LIZPR.

The federal government previously reported that there are roughly 4,000 Canadians aboard 70 cruise ships all over the world, according to The Canadian Press via National Post.

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