Who has not secretly wanted to become a spy at some point in their life? Movies like the James Bond franchise and Angelina Jolie in basically any of her movies make it seem like the best job ever. 

But how does one become a spy? And where do you even apply for it?

Canada’s top intelligence agency is currently looking to hire spies, here’s how to apply and what you’ll need to get hired. 


CSIS is recruiting people to work for them as ‘Intelligence Officers,’ the official term for spies.

And it turns out you don’t need that much in terms of qualifications. 

Firstly in order to spy for Canada, you must be a Canadian citizen.  

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For your education, you just need a bachelor’s degree.

It doesn’t matter what you studied as long as you went to a Canadian University, or have the Canadian equivalent if you studied abroad.

In terms of experience you just need two things in order to apply for a position with the spy agency. 

The first thing you'll need is, “knowledge of CSIS’ mandate, threats as defined in the CSIS Act and priorities regarding the security of Canada.”

The only other thing you need is, “knowledge of both national and international current events and an understanding of how they relate to CSIS’ mandate.” 

Some skills you’ll need are: strong oral and written communication skills, strong interpersonal and teamwork skills, strong analytical skills, values and ethics and self-confidence.

You don’t even need to speak another language. If you’re the right fit CSIS, they can set you up with foreign language training.

You will need a full G drivers licence though and you have to keep it in order to stay employed with CSIS. 

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In your cover letter you need to show how your, “experience meets the competencies listed."

"Experience can be included but is not limited to work experience, student placements, paid or unpaid internship, life experience and/or travel experience,” according to the application.  

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If you make it through the application process you’ll be hired full-time and receive a salary in the range of $69,350 to $84,360.

Oh and one other thing seeing as you are applying to be a spy CSIS is reminding people to, “not discuss your application. Especially on social media.”

“But you can talk to your partner or close family members about it. Remind them they need to be discreet,” the application says. 

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So good luck becoming Canada’s next James Bond or Jane Smith. You can find the full application and the link to apply here

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