In devastating news, Cyclone Fani is tearing through India as over a million people are attempting to evacuate the area of its path. So far, the cyclone has been deemed as 'extremely severe' and is carrying strong winds that can reach up to 205 km/hr. In the wake of the devastating cyclone that is tearing apart a majority of the houses, trees and electricity poles within the area, the Canadian Government is responding to the Cyclone Fani in India and Bangladesh. 

According to CBC, Cyclone Fani has hit the Indian coast on Friday, forcing 1.2 million residents to leave their homes and relocate to 4,000 shelters away from the direct path of the storm. Currently, the cyclone is now heading towards Bangladesh where authorities in Bangladesh have evacuated about 400,000 people. It is considered a Grade 5 storm. 

At least 200 trains across India are cancelled and the airport in Kolkata has closed for the weekend as the storm blows through India. The National Disaster Response Force dispatched 54 rescue and relief teams of doctors, engineers and deep-sea divers to help deal with the wakes of the cyclone. 

Since the storm has hit the Government of Canada is warning Canadians to avoid all non-essential travel to these areas due to the dangers of the storm. Narcity reported yesterday that both India and Bangladesh are under travel advisories due to the dangerous storm. 

As of today, both travel advisories are still put in place. The Government of Canada has predicted that Cyclone Fani should reach southwestern and central Bangladesh on or around May 3, 2019. It may cause flash flooding, landslides, and severe disruptions to services such as power, water, and medical care. It is advised that Canadians should avoid travel to these areas during this natural disaster. 

In the wake of this disaster, the Canadian Government has also reached out to express their condolences to those who have been affected by the cyclone. This afternoon, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reached about the incident, stating, "Cyclone Fani is causing devastating destruction in India and Bangladesh. Canadians are thinking of everyone who is affected and hoping for their safety. We're ready to provide support if needed." 

This tweet indicated that the Government of Canada is ready to provide relief to both the areas of India and Bangladesh if needed during the time of this horrific disaster. 

Canadians across the country are thinking of everyone who is currently affected by Cyclone Fani during these awful times. 

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