Traffic in Richmond Hill, Ontario was brought to a halt this morning when one of their major roads, Highway 7 was closed by an intense crash. 

A car collided with another car and was going so fast that it went airborne before knocking down a pedestrian signal and landing off of the road. The entire incident was caught on another driver's dashboard camera.


The video shows one red car beginning to turn left at an intersection before the white car comes through and crashes into it. The white car is the one that ends up flying through the air while the red car spins out of control on the road. 

Both cars look like they endured some serious damage in the accident. Police did not provide many details,  but they confirmed via Twitter that injuries were reported. 

This is the second major accident to occur in the Toronto-area city of Richmond Hill this week. Over the weekend, a 22-year-old woman was killed in an accident involving a drunk driver. 

York Region Police also confirmed that tragic accident on their Twitter account saying that a 21-year-old man from Toronto was now facing impaired driving charges. 

@officialyrpembedded via  

Highway 7 was shut down for most the morning following the crash just before 10 am, however, in the past hour police have re-opened the road to traffic in both directions. 

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