It can get pretty costly to always have nice nights out across the country. But there are still cities with really cheap date night costs in Canada. A dating site has released all the information you need to know about how much date nights cost all over the country. 

According to a new list put out by Elite Singles, dating in Canada has gotten more expensive but there are still places in the country that you can have relatively cheap date nights. 

The annual list looks at 15 major cities in Canada and how much an average date night would cost there. 

But what is an average date night? Elite Singles used a mid-range dinner for two, a shared bottle of wine, two movie tickets and an eight k.m. taxi ride home as the average date night and looked at the price of each item in 15 Canadians cities. 

For the entire country, an average date night costs $127 which is up $2 from last year and $12 from 2017. 

Montreal, Oshawa and Winnipeg all have an average date night cost of less than $120. Those are bad numbers when it comes to date night costs but they're definitely not the best. 

This year the crown for cheapest date night goes to Quebec City. A date night there costs only $112. So that would be $56 a nice meal, a movie ticket and a shared taxi ride and a bottle of wine. Just amazing. 

Last year Winnipeg had the pleasure of being the cheapest date night city but Quebec City beat it handily by dropping from an average cost of $119 to $112.  

There are free date nights, those do exist, but sometimes you've got to cough up a bit more cash on date night especially if you live in the most expensive cities. 

Edmonton, Victoria, Ottawa and Vancouver all have date night costs that are over $130. But the most expensive city this year for dates is Toronto. 

The average cost of a date night in Toronto is $150 which moves the city up to the top spot on the list. 

Toronto beat out Vancouver, last year's most expensive date night city, by just a single dollar. Vancouver's price remains the same as it was last year while Toronto's went up by $8. 

Last year's list was pretty different compared to the list for 2019. Both the top and the bottom spot changed and there is a lot of moving around in the middle. 

Ottawa and Edmonton have the biggest increases, $19 and $13 respectively. Both Calgary and Quebec City saw date night costs drop by $7. 

It's definitely expensive to have a nice night out in a lot of places in Canada but thankfully we're not the worst in the world. 

The most expensive city in the world is Oslo where the average Elite Singles date night costs $211. 

Some dates in Canadians could cost you over $200 but the average dinner and a movie date that Elite Singles looked at thankfully won't cost anybody in Canada that much money. 

There are stories everywhere. If you spot a newsworthy event in your city, send us a message, photo, or video @NarcityCanada on Twitter and Instagram.

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