If you need an example of what social distancing looks like then just take a gander at these deer. A group of deer in Alberta perfectly demonstrated what it looks like to social distance yourself from others and it’s actually adorable. Needless to say, they won't be getting fined. 

You may have noticed more wildlife out and about since most of us are stuck indoors. Even in Vancouver, whales are frequenting the waters right up near the shore. 

With everything going on, health authorities have put in place a number of COVID-19 rules that we are all expected to follow, one of the biggest is social distancing. 

Should anyone be caught not following these strict rules, hefty fines could be dished out.

While the average person may have to be mindful of practicing these new rules, a group of deer in Alberta are perfectly demonstrating what to do. 

In a video submitted to The Weather Network, you can see a herd of deer walking around in Glenbow, Alberta. 

Upon closer inspection, you can see the deer are walking, one by one, not even close to each other. 

If you were in need of a source of inspiration, these creatures are doing 2020 right.

The video, submitted by Jon Utton, shows a group of six deer going for a stroll. All of the deer are really far apart from one another which is so on-brand for right now. 

This is literally the shining example of what everyone should be doing now. If wildlife can do it, then so can we. 

As coronavirus cases continue to rise in the province, it looks like the local deer are doing their part to ensure everyone’s safety. 

Even though they probably have no idea what they’re doing, you have to admit that it is adorable. 

Social distancing isn’t as difficult as it seems, especially when there are tons of local businesses delivering you goodies.

From all your food cravings to books and activities, our local vendors are providing you with everything you need. 

There are even jobs around the province looking for at-home workers. 

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