Demi Lovato was just rushed to hospital in LA after what appears to be a heroin overdose, law enforcement has confirmed with TMZ

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Their sources say that the singer was found unconscious at her home in  Hollywood Hills just before noon on Tuesday. She was treated with Narcan, a common treatment for narcotic overdoses in her home before being transported to the hospital.

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The singer has previously spoken about dealing with drug and alcohol addictions in the past while speaking out about how she was six years sober. Earlier this year, she shocked her fans by revealing that she had broken her sobriety recently. 

She released a song called "Sober" which hinted at her relapse last month.

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Lovato was also seen with rapper G-Eazy earlier this month leaving a club together. Fans were upset by this due to the rapper's history with drugs and the singer's difficulty with addiction in the past. 

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The news of the singer's reported overdose comes after news that she had fired her longtime manager Phil McIntyre. Lovato has also recently disconnected herself from the CAST Recovery centre community. 

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Lovato performed on Sunday night at the California Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles with her friend and rapper, Iggy Azalea. Azalea had previously spoken out about Demi's struggles and how she will always remain a support system for her friend in the industry. 

Daily Mail reported earlier this month that the singer was going "off the rails" and had no intentions of getting clean. Lovato was scheduled for a performance in Atlantic City, New Jersey, later this week. 

All we can say is that we hope the singer is getting the help that she needs right now. 

Source: TMZ

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