Getting your teeth cleaned is going to look different next time you make a dental appointment. Dentists reopening in Ontario have new rules to adhere to in order to maintain a safe environment for both workers and patients. Some protocols will even include installing floor-to-ceiling walls as barriers and wearing facemasks. 

Last week, the Ontario government announced that dentists could reopen as long as they follow proper safety protocol. 

Now, The Royal College For Dental Surgeons In Ontario (RCDSO) has outlined a list of requirements that dental practices must follow during the reopening across the province. 

In addition to wearing PPE such as masks and gloves while in the office, all patients must be screened for COVID-19 before entering the building. 

Magazine, toys, and other non-essentials will also be removed from offices, according to the report.

Plexiglass shields may also become the new norm at dentists' offices.

However, one of the most shocking changes will be the floor-to-ceiling wall installations that will be required for treating people who have tested positive for COVID-19.

The release states that "when performing aerosol-generating procedures on patients who have screened or tested positive for COVID-19, the procedure must be performed in an operatory that is capable of containing aerosol."

"This requires floor-to-ceiling walls and a door (or other barrier) that must remain closed during and after such procedures. Temporary walls and doors are permitted, provided they create an area to contain aerosols and are constructed of materials that can withstand repeated cleaning and disinfection."

Appointments will be part of the new norm.  This will be done in order to limit face to face interactions.

When a patient enters the building for their appointment, they must come alone, unless they are someone who needs accommodation. 

On top of this, all hands must be sanitized before an appointment. 

"Air changes" will even be required due to lingering particles that would remain in the atmosphere after some procedures that could come into contact with others. 

Dentists' offices aren't the only people with different rules now that the province has begun reopening.

Retail stores will also have different rules for people who are entering and exiting the premises.

In fact, some stores across Toronto have even announced that they will be quarantining their clothes. 

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