If you were a lover of the Disney channel, then you'll be excited to hear that Disney stars Aly & AJ are finally making their comeback with a tour across Canada this spring. 

The dynamic duo was known to be the curly haired pop singing group that all young Canadians loved in the mid-2000s. In 2019, our favourite ex-pop stars are all making a comeback with their new Sanctuary tour. First, it was Amanda Bynes, Jojo, then it was the Jonas Brothers with their new single Sucker, and now even Aly & AJ! 

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Not only are Aly & AJ going back on tour, but they've also created a bunch of new music and even released a brand new album. Most recently, they released a new single called "Church". 

If you go to their site, you can see that the country girls have toned down their look and definitely matured. They've got a sleek new look on their website and they've completely revamped their image. The two stunning sisters are working to come back to the music scene as a new and improved version of their former selves.

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If you loved the Disney Channel, then you were probably obsessed with Aly & AJ. Real fans loved their original hits including "Like Whoa" and "Potential Break Up Song"

Well, you'll be excited to know that Aly & AJ are going back on tour and they're making two stops in Canada. On Tuesday, June 18, they'll be playing in Vancouver, Canada. The show begins at 8:30 PM and runs until 11:55 PM. 

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The show will be adults only (19+) and doors open at 7 PM. For more information on buying tickets in Vancouver, you can click here. 

On June 3, you'll be able to see Aly & AJ in concert in Toronto! They'll be performing at Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto, Ontario. The show will also be adults only and doors will open at 7 PM. 

The show will begin at 8 PM and run into the evening. For more information on purchasing tickets in Toronto, you can visit this link.

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Here's a full list of concerts where Aly & AJ will be performing across Canada and the United States. 

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