One Canadian Redditor is surprised claiming that he found out Alberta's premier has blocked him on Twitter. After posting his story online, other Albertans chimed in on what they think about the supposed situation. The Redditor posted a photo confirming Jason Kenney is blocking Canadians on Twitter

The Reddit post read "Anybody know the laws of an Albertan politician blocking someone on Twitter? I know Trump can't, not sure if this is worth making a stink over."

Beneath the question is a screenshot showing Alberta Premier, Jason Kenney’s verified Twitter account along with the words “You are blocked from following @jkenney and viewing @jkenney’s Tweets.” How rude.

According to the Reddit post, it looks like Jason Kenney actually blocked one of his followers on Twitter. 

As you would expect, Redditors have some strong opinions on the matter.

As the conversation continued, we got light of what this Twitter user may have been saying to get themselves blocked.

Another Redditor rebutted, telling the original poster to "act more mature next time to avoid being blocked." The original poster didn't fight that comment, agreeing that they'd "try to be more mature." 

Further down in the feed, the original poster answered their own question, linking a Canada's National Observer article which states "there is no legal precedent or policy enforcement in Canada that guides when an elected official can — or cannot — block a citizen."

Though everyone has the right not to be harassed, everyone also has the right to know what our politicians are up to. It's a bit of a catch-22, it seems.

If you're vocal about your political views on Twitter, maybe take a peek to see if anyone notable has blocked you. 

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