When the news broke last month that 72 dogs had been rescued from a North Edmonton home after they were showing signs of “severe neglect and potential illness,” Canadians across the country were horrified and heartbroken. However, things seem to be looking up for the little puppies involved, as at least 25 of them have been moved to the safety of Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) in Calgary, where they can start the process of looking for their new, furr-ever home.

Almost all of the dogs seized from the Edmonton property by police were Havanese-types, which means they’re all pretty small, extra furry, and ridiculously adorable! Before they can be adopted to loving families, AARCS must first get a full medical assessment and have any health problems treated. Each of the puppies, which the rescue charity said are still mostly very young, will also have their vaccinations and be spayed/neutered before they can head off with their new families.

This week the puppies will head off to their foster homes, where experienced caretakers will look after them until they are old enough to be re-homed, and make sure they are well-socialized and ready to be a perfect-pet for a loving family.

While it sounds like a lengthy process, potential adopters won’t have to wait too long to meet the fluffy puppies. AARCS executive director, Deanna Thompson, told Global News, “They’ll go into foster care and then, this week probably coming up, they’ll probably be spayed and neutered and then once they’ve recovered and we get to know them a little better — what kind of home would be good for them? Are they good with kids and other dogs? Then they’ll go up for adoption.”

It is surely a relief for those involved in the rescue of the puppies to know that the majority of the dogs now based in AARCS are healthy, despite their horrific start to life. According to investigators, when the rural Edmonton property was searched by police in July, there were puppies in “pretty much every square inch of it.” 

The dogs at the property were believed to have ranged from two weeks old to adults, with a number of them showing signs of being severely neglected. While AARCS confirmed the dogs they received are generally healthy, a spokesperson explained that a number of the puppies are still pretty stinky, having lived in squalor for so long. Despite numerous baths, the poor puppies had lived in feces and urine for so long, it will be a while before the smell is completely out of their fluff.

Puppy-mill owner Gloria Sears will be facing Criminal Code charges, as well as Animal Protection Act charges, for the conditions she allowed her animals to live in. Sears is charged with causing animals to be in distress, failing to provide  adequate care, as well as failing to provide adequate food, water, shelter, space and ventilation.

The other dogs seized from the Edmonton property were taken in by the Edmonton Animal Care and Control Centre, and are being relocated to various safe shelters across Alberta. The majority of the animals are currently being cared for by the Edmonton Humane Society.

AARCS is confident that the puppies will be looking for their new homes within the next two weeks, and anybody interested in offering one of the neglected puppies a new home should contact the shelter directly. While the puppies may still be a little bit stinky the small and fluffy puppers absolutely deserve a second chance at a wonderful life!

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