After trying to cross over the Canada-US border, a Domincan man has died from the attempt. Wilson Reynoso Vega was a 30-year-old man from the Dominican Republic who came to Canada in hopes of seeing his daughter, who lived in the States. The father did not end up making it into the United States to see his daughter.

According to The Washington Post, Reynoso flew to Toronto last month in April on a visitor visa and tried to enter the state of New York through the border in Quebec. To illegally travel to the U.S., Reynoso reportedly paid two smugglers $3,500. 

He was unable to cross the border and died before he made it into the U.S. last month in April. Officials believe that his death was a result of him drowning while still on the Canadian side in a marsh area, The Washington Post reports. 

Since the news of the death was announced, a GoFundMe page has been set up, reportedly by a friend of the victim who is from Ontario, to help with the funeral costs. According to the campaign page, Reynoso was an aspiring singer from the town of Guaraguao in the Dominican Republic.

"He tragically lost his life at the age of 30 when he decided to travel to the U.S across the Quebec border to see his family and daughter after being promised a better life, only to be left behind to die and ultimately lost his short and precious life," reads the GoFundMe.

"We are hoping to raise money on behalf of his family as the Dominican government is not willing to help bring his body back from Montreal who has been laying in the morgue for a month now."

The Surete du Quebec confirmed the death and said that it was an accident, according to Global News

The GoFundMe campaign has raised almost $1000 since it was created a couple of weeks ago in May and has over 1,200 shares to date. The fundraiser has a $8000 goal. 

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