With Don Cherry leaving his post on Coach's Corner, it's anyone's guess as to who could ever replace him. Does the network find itself another famous hockey coach to take the spot, or do they go in another direction? Sugar Sammy, a comedian from Montreal, thinks he could replace Don Cherry pretty well.

Sugar Sammy posted his own short "demo" reel on Twitter, showing the world just what he could do if given the plum job.

As he sits at the Coach's Corner desk and the camera moves around him, Sugar Sammy shares what his take on games would look like.

"That was a s*** game," he says. "Nobody made an effort. It was garbage. Nobody, nobody stepped up on the ice."

He then signed off, saying "I'm Sugar Sammy for Hockey Night In Canada."

"Hockey Night Canada, Heard you were hiring," Sugar Sammy wrote in his tweet. "Here is my demo. I love hockey and making fun of francophones."

The last part of the tweet is in reference to some of Don Cherry's previous remarks about French speakers. In 2004, Cherry criticized players who wore visors, saying, "Most of the guys that wear them are Europeans and French guys."

Quebec's premier, Francois Legault, even said he was happy about Cherry's removal, telling Energie 98.9 in French, "Effectively, I've often seen him whining against francophones. Now he's doing it against immigrants."

Sugar Sammy had previously made waves during the Canadian election when he created a billboard mocking Maxime Bernier's "Say 'no' to mass immigration" message. He also made jokes about Justin Trudeau's brownface scandal in one of his specials.

Don Cherry was fired from Sportsnet after making controversial comments about wearing poppies that were seemingly targeted at immigrants.

Cherry, however, denies that he was talking about immigrants. Now, there are calls to boycott Sportsnet for their decision to have Cherry step down from hosting Coach's Corner.

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