Another day, another story about how the president of The United States of America can't seem to stop lying.  And this time he didn't just lie to his own people, the media or himself, but our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. And right to his face too.

Yes it would seem that Donald Trump has once again proven that he really will say anything at all regardless of whether it's true or false.

So, what did he tell Trudeau?

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Apparently when Trump and Trudeau met to discuss NAFTA Trudeau pointed out to the President that the United States does not have a trade deficit with Canada.

Trump then disagreed at the time with Trudeau, but now says that at in that moment he had no idea whether or not what he was saying was true.

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"I didn’t even know … I had no idea," he said in a recording obtained by the Washington Post.

The Office of the United States Trade Representative has previously said the US has a trade surplus with Canada.

Trump is of course notorious for making false claims on a regular basis but the fact that he knows he's doing it just makes this all the more worse.

Sources: Washington Post, The Guardian

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