As the end of Donald Trump's presidency nears, those who are still in denial of Joe Biden's victory attended a "Save America" rally in the nation's capital.

The president's son, Don Jr., was one of the key speakers, but little did he know he would be walking off the stage to music that is all too fitting for the current situation.

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Following his speech, Don Jr. turned and walked off the stage as Elton John's famed hit "Funeral For A Friend" began playing, shocking those in the crowd and providing some good laughs for the folks on Twitter.

In the song, Elton John appropriately sings "If I don't change the pace I can't face another day," making it the perfect song to play for a quick prank on the president and his supporters.

Other songs played for the crowd's enjoyment include Celine Dion's "My Heart Wil Go On," which was famously used in 1997's Titanic and Pink Floyd's "Brain Damage" off their legendary album "The Dark Side Of The Moon."

It is not yet known if the songs were actually selected to troll the president and his son, but it is hard to believe he would pick these tunes for what was planned to be an exciting rally full of hope for his supporters

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