Several days after the U.S. election result was initially projected, Donald Trump is still refusing to concede to Joe Biden.

In a series of recent tweets, the incumbent president continued to claim that the election process was fraudulent.

On November 9, he suggested that “a cesspool of Fake Votes” was found in Nevada, while also claiming Pennsylvania prevented his party from observing the Ballot count.

Both tweets were flagged by Twitter as being "disputed."

Editor's Choice: Trudeau Says Canadians Can Be 'Quite Certain' The US Election Result Is Accurate

In several similar messages, Trump also claimed that Wisconsin is “looking very good” for his party and said Georgia “will be a big presidential win.”

According to projections from CBC News, Biden has already secured both of these states.

One day earlier, Trump tweeted “I WON THE ELECTION,” despite both Biden and Harris already delivering their victory speeches.

He’s also threatened to launch legal action against the results in some states.

During a press conference on Monday, Justin Trudeau reassured Canadians that they could be “quite certain” the U.S. election results were actually accurate.

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