Right now, there are wildfires burning along much of the western coast of North America. British Columbia has declared as state of emergency, and further south in California, massive fires are threatening people and their homes as well.

President Donald Trump is, of course, more concerned about the ones in California. But, he couldn’t resist taking a perceived shot at Canada because of them.

Trump, who has started a massive trade dispute with Canada, seems to believe that Canadian lumber imports are to blame. 

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In a cabinet meeting, Trump talked about how the wildfires in California are burning through fallen trees that lay on the ground.

 “We have fallen trees, and instead of removing those fallen trees, which get to be extremely combustible, instead of removing them, gently removing them, beautifully removing them, we leave them to burn,” he said.

He then seemed to blame Canada for the wildfire situation. “Canada is charging us a lot of money to bring their timber down into our country. So ridiculous, here we have it,” he said.  

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Essentially, he seems to believe that if the States didn’t import lumber from Canada and instead picked up the wood in the path of the fires, it would make the situation better. 

"We’re not even talking about cutting down trees… we’re talking about lying on the floor creating a hazard and a tremendous death trap,” Trump said. 

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Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke elaborated on Trump’s remark - “we import lumber in this country, and yet there are billions of board feet that are on the forest floor rotting,” he said.

The States has put a tariff on Canadian Lumber as part of the ongoing trade dispute between the two countries. 

Source: Global News

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