While American politicians were voting to impeach the US president Wednesday night, Donald Trump was busy hosting his very own "Merry Christmas" Rally. People had to decide: Do we watch the historic moment unfold in real-time? Or do we watch Donald Trump's response? Faith Goldy didn't hold back about her opinion. 

Known in Canada as Ontario's female Donald Trump, Goldy chimed in on Twitter about the impeachment that had been trending all day.

Just as the house began voting on the first article of impeachment after almost eight hours of debate, Goldy tweeted out a live stream of the president's Christmas rally in Michigan.

Goldy said: "News junkies tired of low energy impeachment coverage? Trump’s Christmas rally is now LIVE:"

The two broadcasts were starkly different. While members of the US's House of Representatives took turns speaking about their beliefs and casting their votes, the U.S. president appeared before a crowd of adoring fans that had been waiting to see him for hours. 


The Battle Creek, Michigan rally was held in the Kellogg Arena and the audience was filled with people wearing hats that read "Make America Great Again" and "USA," while people chanted "four more years!" when Trump paused his speech. 

When the vote went through, Trump responded to it live saying "Every single Republican voted for us," Trump said. “We didn't lose one Republican vote.”

Goldy's preference to watch the American president's historic reality-TV reaction over the vote itself wasn't exactly a surprise; she's has been extremely vocal in the past on her views.

Still, two historic moments were captured Wednesday night. The world saw the U.S. impeach a president for the third time ever and the world saw a U.S. president react on live TV. 

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