It seems even Ontario's mayors are desperate for a trim. After the province's reopening reached stage two in most regions this week, two leaders of excluded counties decided to get their own haircut. During his press briefing on June 9, Premier Doug Ford called out two Ontario mayors for their recent public actions, insisting "you can't have it both ways."

Norfolk County Mayor Kristal Chopp and Haldimand County Mayor Ken Hewitt got haircuts on Tuesday, June 9 as a symbolic protest against Ford not adding their regions to the reopening plan, as shown by CTV News.

On June 8, Ford had announced stage two reopenings for almost all regions in the province so their restaurants, salons and other businesses would be running by June 12.

Excluded from the list was the densely-populated GTHA region, but also Haldimand-Norfolk County. That area has suffered a recent outbreak at a farm which has led to at least 164 people coming down with the virus, according to CP24.

Ford was asked on Tuesday about the two mayors' form of protest, and he wasn't afraid to put them on blast.

"I understand this is fluid, this thing is moving constantly... it wasn't longer than two to three weeks ago that we had the two mayors from there... shouting and screaming saying they're going to fine any cottager who comes up," Ford said of the mayors.

He continued: "You can't be telling everyone to stay away and 'we're gonna fine you if you go to the cottage you pay taxes for'... and a couple of weeks later (they're) sitting there getting a haircut and going against the protocol.

"Gimme a break, really. They have to pick and choose."

After being pressed on whether he considered these public haircuts "an act of civil disobedience," Ford concluded that "this pandemic does strange things to people."

"You can't have it both ways," he added.

Narcity reached out to both Chopp and Hewitt for comment on Tuesday.

But Mayor Hewitt spoke to CP24 after Ford's comments and said he doesn't believe businesses in his area should have to wait to reopen because of outbreaks in care homes or farms.

“Our community and our local people business owners have done everything we have asked them to do for the last three or four months and to tell them that because of a controlled outbreak you are not allowed to reopen it is a slap in the face,” he said.

Ford and his staff had noted on Monday that they would be assessing at the start of every week moving forward whether other regions can enter stage two, based on health data and other factors.

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