With legalization just weeks away, the government is making some fast decisions about how and where Canadians will be allowed to consume marijuana. 

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Yesterday, it was announced by the Conservative government that Ontarians will be legally allowed to smoke weed anywhere where cigarettes can be smoked, which includes on city streets, in public parks, and outside buildings. 

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But, now it seems that Premier Doug Ford has already changed his mind. The decision announced by his own party yesterday would allow pot smokers to light up in public parks, but Ford said today that he doesn't think people should smoke weed in playgrounds or near children. 

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He said, for him, it's all about keeping the children safe. Which means that people should be allowed to smoke in large parks, but not near any playgrounds. He also said that he wants to have a conversation about where people can smoke and said the party is "open to tweaking things." 

While his thoughts about keeping weed away from children don't sound too bad, it is making people question how the government works. The Conservative Party announced what they called a decision yesterday, but today, their leader is saying they need to return to the discussion table.

The indecision could be stemming from the backlash that yesterday's decision received. Many people are concerned about smelling marijuana everywhere they go, especially for people in apartments and condos where smoking is allowed on the balconies and in units. 

The Conservative announcement yesterday contradicted a previous plan from the Liberals who were going to put more restrictions on where pot smokers could light up. 

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