With all of the commotion of the upcoming federal election, it is easy to become disillusioned with everything that is going on. In the midst of all of the political drama, Trudeau being accused of breaking the law, Scheer being accused of homophobia, Bernier accused of being anti-immigration, sometimes it is important to search for the lighter side of Canadian politics. Therefore, I present to you: “Doug Ford looking at things.”

Admittedly, the description of the Ontario Premier, Doug Ford, simply 'looking at things’ doesn’t sound particularly interesting or exciting. However, in the deepest depths of random-and-unnecessary Twitter, someone has created an account dedicated to wholly this, and this alone. Rather than being boring and weird, it turns out it is really, really funny.

I don’t know why looking at pictures of Doug Ford looking at other things is so hilarious, but somehow it is. Maybe it is the way he laughs so warmly and genuinely when looking at various snacks, or the way he looks with such intense admiration at Andrew Scheer, or even the way he looks so lovingly at this own book. Whatever it is, Doug Ford looking at things is funny, and you need to see it!

The account operates under the handle, “DougFordLooking,” and at the time of writing only has 79 followers. Fortunately, the content of the page is pretty amazing, and seeing Ford laughing and staring lovingly at an uncooked pizza is sure to make you smirk.

The tongue-in-cheek bio for the Twitter account reads, “Our glorious leader has shown a great aptitude for shaking hands & looking at things. I am here to appreciate such traits, and revel in his  tremendous shadow.” 

After a few months of solid tweeting, the account took a short break, explaining to followers just this past week that “Doug Ford is such a failure even among dedicated conservatives that making fun of him just feels sorta bad.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time a politician has been ripped apart on Twitter for his generally-odd behaviour in photographs. Earlier this month, Justin Trudeau was roasted online for going a little over the top with his cultural clothing and posing while on a trip to India, with critics describing it as “too Indian, even for an Indian.”

Shortly after, it was Andrew Scheer's turn to get called out for looking super weird in political photographs, when Canadians noticed pictures of him lurking in Toronto's bushes. In response to the hilariously bizarre pictures, one Twitter user said, "This really should be his campaign slogan, ‘Andrew Sheer. He’s just so . . . awkward’."

The only conclusion that can be formed is that politicians are under some kind of curse, where it is impossible to just be normal in a photograph. Taking a standard, un-posed picture, where you’re not lurking in the bushes, or smiling intensely at an ice-cream, is just not in their repertoire. 

Next time you’re having a bad day, just look at pictures of Doug Ford staring incredibly hard at random things, I just know it will cheer you up!

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