10 children ranging from four months old to 17-years-old as well as four adults have been confirmed to be infected with an extremely dangerous flu at Stoney Nakoda First Nation, north of Highway 1A in Alberta. While typically the diagnosis of a flu isn't cause for alarm, the nature of this particular illness has already lead to the death of one infant child and is spreading rapidly. 

At least half a dozen ambulances had to be called to Spring Road this morning due to a distress call made at around 11:45 AM by a local. When first responders arrived, two children were found to be critically ill. The first responders were able to transport one child to a Alberta's children's hospital for treatment, unfortunately the second child, a four month old boy, died at the scene. 

It's being reported that when the EMS teams arrive to the area, nine children were found to be in need of medical attention however, while attending to those children an additional set of children began to get sick.

EMS officials say a total of 10 children and four adults were transported by ground ambulance to the Alberta Children's Hospital from the scene for additional assessment and treatment.

Stuart Brideaux, EMS Public Education Officer says that he can confirm that the illness is 100% medical related and has nothing to do with trauma and/ or violence or due to the result of carbon monoxide or any other noxious substance.

“From the presentation of many of the patients that we transported, it seems to be an illness of medical origin,” he said. “Not necessarily like an external factor, but again, that is not yet determined. However, we’ve been able to identify common traits among all who were transported.”

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There is still a lot that is unknown about the serious illness with flu-like symptoms however one confirmed fact is that all those infected so far are from the same residence according to AHS Emergency Medical Services. 

At this current moment in time the RCMP have announced that they are launching an investigation into the matter. While the federal ministry of Indigenous Services have reached out to Stoney Nakoda officials to offer support.

Sources: CTV Calgary, Global 

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