Drake has never been shy about expressing his affection for his beloved hometown The 6ix, giving shoutouts on albums, at appearances and on stage. So it was no surprise when he opened his first Toronto restaurant Frings back in 2015. But now the Ovo-infused joint is closing its doors permanently. 

A Frings representative told Now Magazine that running the restaurant has been an incredible experience for everyone involved. "After receiving a well-considered offer, we made the difficult decision to move on and we will be closing on June 23, 2018. All partners will continue to focus on their successful careers and ventures." 

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The chic, dimly lit King St. West location boasts a dance floor and grand light fixtures, and was started by the "I'm Upset" singer in collaboration with chef Susur Lee and his sons Kai and Levi Bent-Lee. Lee is known for his Asian fusion and came second place in Top Chef: Masters back in 2010, but the Frings' menu features an array of global offerings including four cheese gnocchi and jerk pork bao. 

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However, the restaurant has faced its fair share of challenges in recent years with Lee facing backlash for withholding employees' tips and using it to cover spilled drinks, mistakenly punched-in orders or walkouts. The restaurant also had its liquor license suspended last spring due to several violations. 

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But for fans who are still interested in Drake-inspired cuisine, you can hit up his other restaurant Pick 6ix located in downtown Toronto near Yonge and Wellington. 


Source: Now Magazine 

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