If you're from a big city like Toronto, you've probably seen quite a few emergency vehicles stuck in traffic, even though their sirens are blaring. The harsh reality is that a major amount of emergency vehicles in Ontario are delayed from arriving on the scene due to some form of traffic. Which is why Ontario researchers are currently testing drones delivering medical equipment through flight, to avoid the traffic that ambulances would have to face below. 

According to CTV News researchers throughout Ontario have been trying to figure out what the fastest method of delivery would be when it comes to delivering medical supplies during a 911 call. So far, drones have been saving the day in test pilots that are being run throughout the province. 

These pilot projects began with multiple mock 911 calls where an ambulance and a drone were dispatched at the same time. Every single time the test was conducted by Peel Regional Paramedics, the drone always arrived at the scene first. 

These test pilot drones are able to fly at 80km/h and avoid all traffic that an ambulance would otherwise face. But what exactly would these drones do once they arrived on the scene?

While these drones won't be carrying trained paramedics, they can carry medical equipment such as a cardiac defibrillator. With drones being able to arrive on the scene minutes before paramedics can, these drones can deliver a defibrillator to a bystander in a cardiac arrest case. 

These machines are easy to use and could be used before the paramedics arrived in an ambulance. CTV states that these few extra minutes could make all the difference in saving someones life when it comes to a cardiac emergency. 

More trials will continue this summer but Dr. Sheldon Cheskes, an emergency medicine specialist and researcher at Sunnybrook Health Sciences told CTV that he is confident that within the next 18 months drones will be seen as part of the 911 response team throughout Ontario. 

Renfrew Ontario paramedics are already testing these drones and are the first service in Canada to get approval from Transport Canada to use drones in medical emergencies. 

Drones are already being used in Canada for a variety of other tasks to help the population. Earlier this year Narcity reported on a drone company that was conducting food deliveries to a secluded First Nation community. 

*Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

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