There’s a super tiny church in Alberta and you should probably find it at least once. Though, this little staple isn’t just a roadside attraction. People are actually getting married in the space and because of COVID-19, Drumheller’s Little Church has seen an influx in people.

Located in Drumheller is one of the tiniest churches in Canada. 

It’s so tiny that it barely fits six people.

Even though it’s incredibly small, it’s still not the tiniest in Canada which actually resides in Ontario

Originally built in 1968 then reconstructed in 1991, the Alberta chapel typically hosts around two to three ceremonies a year. 

Narcity chatted with Marley Henneigh with the Drumheller and District Chamber of Commerce who said the number of weddings they've seen this year is seriously increasing. 

When it comes to hosting a ceremony there, all they ask is for a donation of any kind although, $50 is typical. 

Booking the place is as easy as a quick call to the Chamber of Commerce and the Drumheller Institution as they’ll make sure everything is ready for you.

You can also submit a request form online through the church.

In order to make sure no unwanted visitors show up to your already extra small wedding, a sign is placed on the door of the building so visitors know an import event is going on inside. 

This year, there's been an increase in weddings

Due to COVID-19 and the limit on how many people can attend a party, this wedding venue makes for the perfect socially distance and pandemic friendly celebration. 

So far, there have been seven weddings booked this year that ran during peak wedding season from June to September.

“I would say it’s at least partly due to COVID as some of these couples just wanted to get married and knew they couldn’t do a large wedding. So I suppose they went with a 'unique' one instead,” said the spokesperson. 

Apparently, these weren’t the only “unique” weddings this summer. 

The spokesperson told Narcity that a few weddings were also booked to take place in the mouth of the World’s Largest Dinosaur.

We are living for the Jurassic Park vibes. 

You don’t have to get married to visit this little church. 

Tons of visitors stop at this now iconic location every year and since it’s been around for so long, there are many repeat visitors. 

When you get to the church, you’ll realize how small everything is. The inside is filled with very few places to sit and when you stand up, your head will almost touch the roof. 

There’s literally enough room for the couple, an officiant, and a few witnesses.

With everything going on right now, it's either this or an at-home zoom wedding.

Now to find a tiny hotel for the honeymoon. 

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