Durham Police are warning the public of an incident that took place on Wednesday, April 3 in correlation to a dating website. A Canadian man was charged with sexual assault after luring a woman to his apartment through a Facebook dating website. This isn't the first place that this has taken place throughout Canada, and police have warned the public to be careful while meeting people through dating apps. 

Durham Regional Police released a statement that revelated the suspect, 53-year-old Stephen Redpath, reached out to a female victim through a Facebook dating page where they talked for several weeks. They eventually arranged to meet for a dinner date at the victim's residence on April 3. 

The suspect arrived at the victim's residence where once he was let inside, he sexually assaulted her. As soon as the incident occured the victim immediatley called the police. 

Stephen Redpath, who used his alias of Steven Redpath on online dating profiles was arrested shortly after the incident and has been charged with sexual assault. Police are still not sure if there are any other victims at this time. 

However, this isn't the first time that Canadian men have used dating profiles to lure girls into an area where they are able to sexually assault them. 

Narcity reported on a case where three Canadian men were charged after being accused of date-raping multipling women after luring them through dating apps. 

In that case, Gatineau Police stated that both Tinder and Bumble were used to start a conversation with multiple women throughout the area. Once they struck up a conversation, the man would invite them over to his place. 

Once the victim arrived they would be offered an alcholic bevarage that included the "date-rape" drug. Then they would be sexually assaulted by the three men within the appartment. 

As the attacks like these started to become more frequent, Gatineu police warned the public to be more cautious while using dating apps and sites. Always meet in public and tell friends and family where you are going. 

Police also warn people using dating apps to always use your own form of transportation and never allow the date to pick you up or drop you off. You are also encouraged to never leave your bevarage unattended. 

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