Yesterday Hedley singer Jacob Hoggard was arrested and charged with two counts of sexual assault causing bodily harm and one count of sexual interference. The count of sexual interference means that a minor was involved in the alleged incident.

The arrest didn’t come as a surprise to many as it follows months of rumors and accusations surrounding the singer and his behavior off stage with women.

Earlier this year the singer took to Twitter to address one some the allegations against him. 

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The first tweet is from February 28 of this year when allegations began to come out about him and his behaviour.

In the tweet, which is a picture of a statement Hoggard wrote, he says “I have never engaged in non-consensual sexual behavior in my life. Ever.”

“However, over the last 13 years, I have behaved in a way that objectified women.” 

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Hoggard admited that the way that he has acted in his career has been hurtful to many women he has had interactions with. 

“The way I’ve treated women was reckless and dismissive of their feelings,” he wrote. 

This wasn’t the only time that Hoggard addressed the allegations against him, a few days later on March 2 he released another statement after he says that the CBC informed him that more allegations were being made against him.

Hoggard again denied doing anything wrong, “I did not engage in any sexual activity without her consent. The allegation is startling and categorically untrue” 

“It is not within my capacity as a person to force anyone beyond their boundaries,” he wrote. 

The band Hedley is currently on indefinite hiatus due to the allegations against Hoggard. 

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