Are you ready for winter? Chances are you've already had to start dealing with winter weather even if you're still wishing it wasn't here yet. Early snow in Canada has fallen in almost every single province. Some lucky Canadians have escaped an early winter so far but that won't last long!

Canada is pretty well known for its cold, snowy winters and other things that have to do with the season like hockey. And even though no country actually owns the North Pole, Nunavut is the closest land to it so we'll claim that as another winter thing Canada wins at. 

You can definitely expect snow to fall for a couple of months of the year if you live in Canada but it's a little bit shocking that almost every province has seen snowfall and it's only the beginning of November. 

Technically it's still fall in Canada and winter doesn't officially start until December 21. But that hasn't stopped winter from knocking at the doors of Canadians across the country. 

Some provinces have it worse than others and some cities got upwards of 50 centimetres of snow in one weekend at the end of September. 

The Farmers' Almanac winter forecast is calling for a "polar coaster" this winter with lots of snow, mixed precipitation and cold weather across the country.

As of November 7, New Brunswick, P.E.I and Nova Scotia haven't seen snowfall like the rest of Canada has.

But they're not off the hook for much longer. 

A winter storm is making its way to Atlantic Canada and it's bringing snow, strong winds and a weather bomb to the region.

New Brunswick and parts of Newfoundland could get 20 centimetres of snow while PEI and Nova Scotia will see smaller amounts. 

Parts of the prairies got an early taste of winter back in September. Snowfall records for the month were broken during its last weekend when a system brought multiple days of heavy snow and blizzard conditions to southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. 

Parts of B.C. along the border with Alberta and in higher elevations also saw snow from that system. 

Much of southern Manitoba was hit by a brutal snow storm over the Thanksgiving weekend that knocked out power, closed roads and led to a state of emergency being declared. 

Parts of Quebec, Newfoundland and Ontario got their first blast of wintery weather on November 7 and many woke up to accumulated snow on the ground. 

Even though it's only November, most of Canada has already got a head start on winter weather. It won't be long until the other provinces will have Jack Frost nipping at their noses and their snow shovels out.

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