It comes as no surprise that the human species is continuously burning up the Earth's resources. From oil to trees, modern society continues to find use for these resources across the globe. However, a recent study has shown that the Earth's resources are being burned at an alarming rate, and 2019 has been a record-breaking year as the globe continues to use more resources than the Earth can produce in 365 days.  

According to the Weather Network, in the year of 2019, it has only taken six months and twenty-nine days for the human population to burn through all the resources that the Earth is able to produce in one year. 

While there is still a surplus of resources due to the Earth being billions of years old, there is only so much that the Earth can actually produce each year. Whether that's how many trees that grow each year, or how many fish are born, the Earth can only produce so much in 365 days. 

Since 1970, the Global Footprint Network has been keeping track of how many resources the human population is using every year, and 2019 is recorded as the most resources to ever be used in a year, to date. 

Currently, the human population is using recourses 1.75 times faster than the planet can regenerate. Which means, we almost need two full Earth's worth of resources to get us through one year. 

What makes matters even worse, is that Canada is one of the worst consumers that is contributing to this problem.

According to the Global Footprint Network, if the entire world lived like Canada, we would have used one year worth of resources by March 18, opposed to the nearly seven months it would take for the world to spend these resources collectively. 

This means, that if the entire world used as many resources as Canada does, we would need over four full Earth's worth of resources to support one year of consumerism. 

Canada is ranked as sixth in the entire world for having the worst consumption habits across the globe, while the United States ranks fifth. 

The Global Footprint Network states that there are a few things that Canadians can due to help lower the number of natural resources that we use every year. 

For example, they suggest we could walk, cycle or take public transit to work opposed to relying on your car. This would help to cut down on the amount of gas that is being used throughout the world. Canadians could also work towards cutting their food waste. No matter they suggest, it seems like something needs to be done. 

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