The province is seeing a ton of improvements when it comes to flattening the curve, said officials in the most recent update. Now, they’re working hard on a plan to ease restrictions in B.C. Even though the outlook is good, they say we need to be careful when coming out of the restrictions so it doesn’t cause a second flareup of virus infections.

During the daily update on Monday, April 27, B.C. health minister Adrian Dix and provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry explained that they have seen a "decrease in numbers" of new cases, adding that most new cases are now linked to the current outbreaks.

"We are getting close to the point where we can open up," said Henry.

Dix continued that many jurisdictions are now looking at easing their restrictions and coming up with plans to reopen. He then laid down five "main plans" the province will need to take into account before lifting orders.

The plans will "first ensure and limit as much as possible transmission of COVID-19 now and into the future," he said. Secondly, they must make sure the healthcare system isn’t overrun by demand and new cases as people start interacting with each other.

Thirdly, Dix emphasized the need to help people struggling with "non-COVID-19 problems in their health in B.C." for example cancelling surgeries and other procedures to prioritize novel coronavirus cases.

Fourthly, Dix said they had to make sure the economy "works better for people," stating that it deeply impacts people's lives and their health.

Finally, Dix emphasized the need to design methods for people to interact with each other in a safe way, "but in a way that allows us to function together as a community."

On Monday, April 20, Henry said they’re working towards opening restaurants. A task force even started meeting to figure out the guidelines to do this safely on Wednesday, April 22.

"We’re going to continue to pursue a made in B.C. approach while working with our national partners," said Dix.

"What we’re doing is succeeding in flattening the curve. It makes possible what we may be able to do in the coming weeks and months in terms of opening things back up. But it requires a continuing commitment."

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