As if health workers don't already have their hands full during the pandemic, now they're having to deal with car robberies. Nearly a dozen health care workers in Edmonton have revealed that their cars were broken into while parked in hospital parkades. These break-ins, which took place between March 14 and April 1, have resulted in four reported thefts so far. 

Alberta Health Services told Narcity that about 10 vehicle break-ins that have occurred in the University of Alberta hospital parkades.

The hospital has two parkades, both of which have been subjected to these recent robberies. The parkades are open to both staff and the public, although general visitation has been largely reduced over the past few days.

"This is extremely disappointing at any time, and especially now, given the incredibly hard work and dedication shown by our healthcare workers," said AHS spokesperson, Kerry Williamson. 

As a result, Protective Services and AHS Parking Services have had to ramp up their patrol of the parkades. They're currently working with the Edmonton Police Service to identify suspects and get an investigation going. 

AHS told CTV News that they normally see about one or two break-ins a month but the number has spiked during the pandemic. 

Narcity spoke to Edmonton Police, who said that they have recorded approximately four thefts from vehicles at the UofA hospital. 

The police have identified a person of interest but no charges have been laid at this time. They continue to encourage locals not to leave any valuables in their cars. 

They also said that they are seeing these sorts of crimes increase across the entire city. 

CTV News spoke to an intensive care nurse, Kim Ewasiuk, who was one of 10 individuals who had their cars broken into while working at the hospital. 

She said she felt violated and couldn't believe that someone would try to do this to a health care worker at a time like this. 

As a result, AHS has sent a mass email to its hospital staff, alerting them of the growing number of vehicle break-ins. One family member of a health care worker got so worried that he is now opting to drive his mother, a lab assistant, to work every morning at 4:00 a.m. 

Alberta Health Services told us that they haven't recorded a break-in since April 1. 

Our health care workers have practically been superheroes on the frontlines of this pandemic. In response, from offering free meals to free parking, our country has been giving them support during this stressful period. 

Sadly, some people are choosing to take advantage of the workers' long hours. 

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