One Canadian city it thinking outside of the box when it comes to weed control in their local parks. Instead of using harmful pesticides to keep their weeds at bay, the city of Edmonton has decided to release 400 goats into Rundle Park to eat up those pesky weeds that often take over the park. For the fourth year in a row, these goats have been let loose in the park and have become the cities own personal lawnmowers. 

The city of Edmonton is attempting to limit the amount of herbicide that is used in their public parks with the GoatWorks pilot project, which started back in June 2015. According to the city of Edmonton, goats are the perfect animal to get rid of weeks throughout all-terrain areas. 

These 400 goats have been trained to target key weed species that the park is looking to get rid of, such as leafy spurge, Canadian thistle, common burdock, and toadflax, all while looking completely adorable while doing so. 

These trained goats are never left alone and there is a skilled shepherd on site 24-hours of the day to ensure that these adorable creatures stay safe and that they are doing their jobs. 

According to CBC, the goats will be coming out to graze the fields between now and September. Each of the 400 goats is expected to eat about 4.5 kilograms of weeds daily.

Goats are the perfect creature for this job as they are even able to digest the seeds of these weeds as well. 

Of course, tourists of the area are more than welcome to go see the goats in action, but the city of Edmonton does have a few ground rules that they ask their guests to follow while they around the goats. 

The city asks all visitors to keep their distance from the goats and do not try to pet them, after all, they do have a very important job to do. 

The city also asks that you do not feed the goats and keep all dogs on a leash. 

*Disclaimer: Cover photo is used for illustrative purposes only. 


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