A lot of people will do almost anything to avoid being arrested by the police. They panic and instead of just giving themselves up decide they should try to hide or make a run for it.

A woman in Edmonton took it to another level though earlier this week when she tried to hide in a ceiling to avoid arrest.

Unfortunately it couldn’t hold her weight and she wound up crashing through it and onto the floor in an unreal video. 

Via Bruce Lee

So how did this woman end up in the ceiling and why was she so desperate to avoid capture?

The woman, named Brittany Burke, and a man named Richard Pariseau were in a Reddi-Mart when the owners called the RCMP because the pair were using what turned out to be stolen credit cards and acting suspiciously.

When RCMP arrived they tried to arrest the pair but Pariseau pushed Burke into one of the officers in an attempt to save himself. 

Via Bruce Lee

Officers then turned their attention to Pariseau, leaving Burke free to run to the back of the store. Once there she then climbed up a ladder and into the ceiling panels in an attempt to avoid being arrested.

The ceiling wasn’t up to the challenge of holding her though so she fell through it, bounced off a shelf and onto the floor.

She then gave herself up to police. 

Via Bruce Lee

Pariseau was charged with 11 offences, including using a stolen credit card, resisting arrest from the police, attempting to disarm a police officer, possession of stolen property under $5000, and breaching probation.

Burke was charged with was charged with obstructing a police officer, fail to comply with undertaking and mischief under $5,000.

You can check out the video of the incident below. 

Source: Global News

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