It looks like eggs are the new weapons of choice in Alberta. Well, at least for this guy. An RCMP division of Alberta announced on Thursday, April 24 that they are looking for a man suspected of cracking an egg on a local. If this Alberta RCMP report doesn't make you want to stay inside, we don't know what will. 

The alleged egg-cracking incident occurred on Tuesday, April 21 when a St. Albert local was making their way home on an evening jog, as detailed in the St. Albert RCMP news release

They were approached by a male on Ash Crescent at around 10:40 p.m. Being approached by a stranger while out running is already spooky enough. Though, this escalated into an extremely strange and scary event all at once.  

"The man grabbed the individual and broke an egg on them," read the report. 

Following this incident, the man ran away and headed west on Arlington. It's at that point when the victim pulled out their phone and called the authorities

The police were able to produce a sketch based on details given by the victim. 

As of now, the egg-cracker is on the loose somewhere in Alberta and the public has been told to report any details to the RCMP detachment in St. Albert or your local police authorities. 

He has been described as a Caucasian man in his early 20s with an average build and a height of about five feet, nine inches. He is also reported to have short brown facial hair. 

In terms of fashion, our egg assailant wore a blue plaid jacket and a possibly grey ball cap.

In their post, the RCMP also mentioned that they utilized RCMP Police Dog Section (PDS) in their search but the doggos came up empty. 

So far, the only evidence seems to be the egg that was cracked into the individual.

The strangest thing is that the motive is completely unclear.

There's no way to know what this guy was up to during the alleged attack. 

Albertans have definitely been caught using up strange weapons in the past. 

From coughs to rubber chickens, nothing is off the table for these rulebreakers.

While RCMP is still hunting for the man responsible for this confusing crime, no one was hurt.

Though, considering he grabbed the runner it was certainly not in keeping with current social distancing protocols in Alberta. 

Stay safe and keep your eyes open for a man of this description, perhaps with an egg in his hand. 

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