Locals from Edmonton and beyond are taking part in a massive, elaborate treasure hunt that's taking them all around the city to find hidden gemstones. This Alberta treasure hunt already sounds like a blast, but the story behind it is even more captivating and inspirational. The treasure hunt was developed by Rhonda Card to honour her son, Jessi, who passed away through suicide in 2010. 

As reported by CTV News, Edmonton resident Stacy Thorpe was taking a stroll through the woods when she stumbled upon a small red bag inside a tree. The bag had a letter inside.

The letter shared details about Jessi and went on to explain how a treasure hunt was created as a way to honour his memory. 

There began an adventure for Thorpe and many other Edmontonians who decided to get in on the action and go hunting for gemstones all across the city. 

These treasure hunters are communicating through a public Facebook group titled Jessi Walk Of Hope And Miracles. The group is being run by Jessi's mother, Rhonda.

The group has become the go-to platform for the treasure hunters to share where they've been finding their gemstones.

But many are also going on the group to convey their respect to Rhonda, share their own battles with grief, and how this treasure hunt is carrying hope for all those participating. The group currently has 275 members. 

Card told CTV that she had originally decided to plant only 100 gems in Sherwood Park, where the family is from, but as more and more people got involved in the treasure hunt, she chose to expand the number of gemstones to 300. 

And Edmonton isn't the only city to be featured in this extensive treasure; the gemstones have been buried as far as Banff, Alberta.

Other locations include St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Leduc, Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park and Ardrossan, as per Sherwood Park News


So if you're looking for a reason to go on a road trip, you won't be able to find a more meaningful one. 

People have been finding the gems all over the provinces, according to the group.

The gems also have a sweet perk to them: you can claim additional prizes if you find them.

Each gem comes with a sheet of paper that lists a series of random numbers, and if anyone locates one, they can claim a prize. 

Prizes range from scratch lottery cards and gift cards to bottles of wine and even small home appliances like an Instapot. 

In addition to honouring the memory of a young man, this will be the perfect adventure for you to get to know more about your city. Who knew hunting for gemstones could be this moving?

Cover photo is for illustrative purposes only. 

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