In a completely bizarre arson case, a Canadian man was tackled and then arrested after lighting cars on fire in Edmonton. The incident happened around 9 PM on Friday night, when police and firefighters were called to the scene of a vehicle fire in Edmonton's Old Strathcona neighbourhood. 

They arrived at the scene on Whyte Avenue to discover that around one dozen cars had been targeted. The suspect was specifically lighting the tires on fire of random vehicles that were in the area. Police report that when they arrived there multiple cars had fire damage to their front and rear wheel wells. 

However, video of the arson incident, captured before police arrived on the scene shows the suspect wasn't just targetting car tires. In the video, a man can be seen using a gas can to pour some sort of fuel onto peoples cars and setting them on fire. In one instance he actually set fire to the hood of a moving car, which would have been detrimental if it had spread to the engine. 

The video of the incident, which also shows the man yelling at people in the street has been going viral and has been shared on Reddit and Twitter multiple times. 

The video also goes on to show how some witnesses took matters into their own hands. After lighting the cars on fire, the suspect proceeded to cross the street, throw the gas tank in the area, and make his way into a nearby Starbucks. 

A man chased after him and once in the restaurant tackled the suspect to the ground while other witnesses came in to assist. 

Because of this tackle and citizens arrest, Edmonton Police were able to apprehend the suspect, but they have not yet released any details about his identity or charges he could be facing. Fortunately, nobody was injured in this case. 

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