The dashcam footage is being seen around the world. Chief Allan Adam just got support from Greta Thunberg on Twitter after the video of him being assaulted by the RCMP came out publicly. She said she's "shocked by this shameful abuse" that the officers committed.

Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Chief Allan Adam has recently shared his story about being assaulted by Wood Buffalo RCMP officers in Fort McMurray.

A few days prior to Thunberg sharing her support for Chief Adam, dashcam footage from the incident that happened one night back in March was released.

In the video, the Chief is moving away from one RCMP officer when another runs in from off-camera, tackles him and puts his arms around his neck.

Chief Adam is then brought to the ground by the officers 

On Twitter, the climate activist shared a clip of the dashcam footage posted by a Canadian journalist.

"I met with Chief Allan Adam in Fort McMurray last autumn and I'm shocked by this shameful abuse by the RCMP," she said in a tweet.

Thunberg also called what happened in the video "very disturbing to see."

It has since been retweeted thousands of times.

In a statement from June 6, the Chief explained that this was all because the tags on his license plates had expired.

He said that it all could have been resolved by the officers telling him to renew the tags and take a taxi to get back home.

Instead of that, he said, "officers used the occasion to beat and arrest me in front of family and a number of witnesses in the parking lot." 

Chief Adam also noted that what happened to him that night isn't shocking or unusual.

Thunberg and Chief Adam met back in October when the climate activist travelled to Fort McMurray after she spoke at a rally in Edmonton. 

They had a private meeting where they talked about what was going on in the region.

Multiple incidents of the RCMP using force against Indigenous people have happened recently.

There is currently an investigation after a Mi'kmaq man was shot and killed by officers in New Brunswick on June 12.

At the beginning of the month, a man in Nunavut was knocked to the ground by the door of an RCMP vehicle after an officer drove towards him and opened it.

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