On September 22, an Indigenous ceremony conducted during an Edmonton climate change rally was interrupted by a man who started shouting "make Canada great again." The ceremony was held on the grounds of the Alberta legislature, and was an inter-faith vigil that brought together people of different cultures and religions to draw attention to the climate crisis. One of the men who interrupted the rally was wearing an Oil Sands t-shirt, and another appears to be mocking an Indigenous dance. 

People who were there ended up blocking the men with a large black sheet, but no arrests were made. One of the men later identified himself to CTV News Edmonton as Mike Kirk.

The rally at the Alberta legislature also had Christian, Muslim, and Jewish religious leaders from Edmonton’s Anglican Church, Al Rashid mosque, and Temple Beth Ora in attendance. They were all gathered together to support activists who were calling on the government to do something about the climate crisis, Global News reports.

Kirk, one of the men who crashed the ceremony and yelled over the Indigenous prayer, said to CTV, "I believe that the native people were violated. But I don’t believe they were exterminated and colonized."

The police had to be called, but the men got off with a warning. CTV captured a video of Kirk doing the dance mentioned. 

Kirk also told CTV his belief that "there’s a theory that Europeans stole this land. And I find that absolutely ridiculous." 

The police warned Kirk that he could be arrested for disturbing the peace. The rest of the ceremony continued peacefully and without any other interruptions.

Canadians had some thoughts to share on the incident: 

Meanwhile, across Canada, climate strikes have been grabbing the attention of the whole country.

And they aren't over yet. Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg will be visiting Montreal this week, so expect more climate change news taking over Canada. Canadian kids are skipping school for the climate, too. This is obviously an issue Canadians are passionate about, so stay tuned.

Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only.

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