Albertan youth better watch out. On Friday, June 12, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta's top doctor, said that there's been an increase of young people testing positive for COVID-19 in Alberta. In particular, there's been a spike in infections for people in their 20s. 

"Over the past few weeks province-wide, we've begun to see a younger demographic testing positive for COVID-19," she said in a press conference

She said that 60% of all active COVID-19 cases as of June 12 have been detected in people under the age of 40. 

"We're seeing a particular increase in those between 20 and 29," the top doctor said. 

She goes on to remind the younger Albertans that though they might not be at risk for severe infections of COVID-19, their actions are critical to protecting those around them who are at higher risk. 

A member of the media called into the press conference and asked Dr. Hinshaw why cases among younger people have risen recently. 

"So what we're seeing in cases that have been investigated over the last week to 10 days is that people are feeling encouraged by the restrictions being lifted and perhaps going above and beyond what was intended by the restrictions being lifted," she said. 

"We're seeing social gatherings, we're seeing parties and celebrations where people are coming together, sharing food and drink, enjoying each other's company after having been apart for a long time," said the top doctor. 

She said that it's completely natural that everybody would want to get social after being apart for the last couple of months.

But she reminded the public that the COVID-19 pandemic has not gone and people should still follow the rules. 

Dr. Hinshaw also noted that there's been a rise in the infections documented in Edmonton. Alberta's capital has more than doubled its list of active COVID-19 cases in just a week. 

And it's continuing to rise. Dr. Hinshaw said regarding Edmonton's cases, "While any increase is concerning, there has been no single source or cause identified," she said. 

One-third of the recent cases haven't been linked to a single source yet.

Dr. Hinshaw also confirmed that the spike in Edmonton's COVID-19 cases has not been linked to the protest that took place in the city. 

"I can tell you that's not the case, as any transmission would take days to work through the system," said Dr. Hinshaw. 

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